I was a Gun Fire Control Technician.  Actually, since we didn’t have guns on the boats. I was a Torpedo Fire Control Technician.  I took care of the computers that aimed and fired the torpedoes.


We did a pretty good job, too.   The Canopus, the Washington, and the Vallejo each earned the Battle Efficiency “E” Award while I was aboard.  The Vallejo also won COMSUBLANT’s “Super E” for 1979. Now, we just call it

“Bottom Gun.”

FT "A" School

Mk 113 UWFCS

Fire Control Problem


Vallejo Mk 113

Mk 113 Mod 9 Underwater Fire Control System

Click the picture above to see a Mk 113 Mod 9 Underwater Fire Control System.


The Theodore Roosevelt and George Washington both had Mk 112 Mod 2 Underwater Fire Control Systems.  The Mk 112 system was completely analogue and needed a lot of alignment.

Bottom Gun

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