Unlike the old boats (or even some of the new Sneak Attacks) Boomers don't get a lot of dives and surfaces.

The 598 was already older than much of her crew as we came out of the Mare Island Shipyard.  We had already split into two crews, and were on Sea Trials.  The CO decided that we were close enough to 598 dives, and that he would complete the 598th dive before we turned the boat over to the other crew.  So, every day it was Dive, Surface, Dive, Surface, Dive, Surface, and on and on and on.

Finally, we had completed our 597th surface.  The big moment was at hand.  The Captain hand-picked every watchstander.  The youngest crew members were on the planes.  The COB had the BCP, and of course, the Old Man had the CONN.  He ordered the Diving Officer to dive the ship.  The COW announced Dive! Dive! But when he hit the Diving Alarm, nothing happened.  It seems that the duty IC Electrician had picked that very moment to do PMs, and had pulled the fuses for the Diving Alarm.

Well, the Old Man wasn't going to let anything interfere with his destiny.  He grabbed the 1MC and shouted "DIVE! DIVE! AAHOOOOGA!  AAHOOOOGA!  DIVE! DIVE!" Followed shortly by, "Petty Officer ******, lay to Control!"



USS George Washington (SSBN-598)

The 598th Dive


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